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We are a Canadian startup that is trying to disturb the tax service industry.


Dawit Teferi, CPA,CMA

General Manager

It all started when I was fifteen years old. My parents had a transportation company back in my home country of Eritrea. We transported liquids, oils, and also merchandise to other parts of the country.

One day I asked our accountant, John, if I could give him a hand with his work. He agreed, and I soon realized that I had a passion for it. I really enjoyed putting the numbers together and seeing how much money we made each month.

In fact, I became so good at it that a year later, when I was sixteen years old, I replaced John as the accountant of my family’s business. Pretty soon the business grew and we started transporting goods to other countries in east Africa.

Later when I finished school I decided to move to Canada as there are more opportunities here. I did the CMA program and went on to work in two big companies. Here I got my first hands-on experience of how taxes are done, the public structure and how companies interact with their clients.

I saw a good opportunity. Things didn’t have to be so complicated. I knew that things could be done better, with better value for customers and at a better price too.

So, I decided to open my own company. I know that hard-working people like you deserve a good service, so I created an app which allowed me to offer you a professional accounting service at low rates.

I designed the app in such a way that it is very easy to use. It takes all the hassle out of doing your taxes. All you have to do is take a photo of, or scan, your documents and then upload them to the app and we take care of the rest.

“I’ll keep coming back every year! Dawit is very professional and helps you find ways to get the most of your tax return- all for a much lower price. Really glad I found this place!”   –  Beata, Winnipeg


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Simple process create application sign the agreement we start work on your tax return  then we present results if you happy we submit it to Canada Revenue Agency otherwise you get a refund of your fees.

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