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Questions that might help

Why am I not receiving a refund on my tuition fees?

As of 2019, the Canadian government stopped issuing refunds on tuition fees, instead it is a non-refundable credit. Therefore, if the tuition amount exceeds the tax owed, the non-refundable credit can only be utilized to eliminate or decrease the student’s federal or provincial tax bill but won’t receive a refund.

How does a non-refundable tax credit work?

A non-refundable tax credit will go towards lowering your tax owing. However, you will not receive a refund if non-refundable tax credits exceed tax owing, it would get carried forward to the following year.

Do I have to pay money on my cash gigs, tips, side hustles or freelance jobs?

If you earn money, you owe income tax on it. You are obligated to file a tax return disclosing your income and pay any required taxes on it.

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